Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information

Affordable Care Fast Facts

  • Enrollment Web Address:
  • Passed in 2010
  • Requires U.S. citizens to have health care insurance or face penalties.
  • Mandates health care insurance providers cover a core list of health services.
  • Requires each state to provide Marketplaces or Exchanges where people can choose an insurance provider and a plan that fits their needs.


When can I enroll?

Open enrollment for the health care insurance marketplaces has now ended, except for major changes, like the birth of a baby. 


What if I have questions about enrollment?

If you need assistance with enrollment, Howard County has a local Affordable Care Act navigator that can answer your questions. Her information is below.


Nemmi M. D'Agostino
Bilingual Outreach Enrollment Assistant
3118 South Lafountain Street
Kokomo, IN 46902
Phone: 765-864-4160
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additionally, please visit the Health Insurance Marketplace website at: ( for Spanish speaking patrons) or call:


24/7 Consumer Call Center / Marketplace Call Center
1-800-318-2596 (English and non-English speaking)
1-855-889-4325 (TTY Users)


The Health Sherpa Website: can also help with comparing plans before purchasing through the Marketplace. 


Need health coverage? The Health Insurance Marketplace is open! Apply Now

Sheriff Raps the Blues After Losing to KHCPL




Howard County Sheriff Steve Rogers and members of his department rapped the “Law-keeper Blues” and sang the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library’s praises after losing a fundraising challenge.


The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library wanted to help raise $1,000 for the MLK Jr. Memorial that will be constructed in Kokomo and created a unique fundraising project to accomplish its goal: Spirit Week. During Spirt Week, KHCPL allowed employees to do things normally not allowed in exchange for donations. The library had a day for its staff to wear jeans with their KHCPL logo shirts, indulge at an ice cream sundae bar, wear fun footwear such as flip flops and slippers, bring their kids to work, and bring their dogs to work.


Hoping to get the community involved, KHCPL challenged the Howard County Sheriff’s Department to do the same. To up the ante, the library and sheriff decided that once the fundraising was over and the money counted, whoever raised the least had to be videotaped serenading the winner.


With a total of $848, KHCPL won. The Howard County Sheriff’s Department raised $323.


Personnel Director Ree Moon wrote the lyrics to “Law-keeper Blues” and Sgt. Mark Brackett was the music director, creating the keyboard arrangement to accompany Sheriff Rogers, deputies, jailers, and other staffers to rap. Then they showed off their dance moves, and Detective Rod Shaffer’s were featured.


Head Videographer Joseph Fipps of Mills Digital filmed it, and it’s now available for viewing on the KHCPL channel at


“We wanted to compete with another local employer so we searched for one with about the same number of employees,” said Faith Brautigam, library director. 


KHCPL has about 100 employees and so does the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.


“It was a wee bit intimidating to call up and challenge a sheriff to a duel of sorts,” said Lisa Fipps, director of Marketing and Community Engagement at KHCPL said and laughed. “Once he heard what KHCPL was doing and why, though, Sheriff Steve Rogers immediately said yes.”


“In addition to keeping the community safe, our mission is to respect everyone’s right to liberty, equality, and justice,” Rogers said. “That dovetails with Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and the mission of the Kokomo memorial project: to inspire all residents in Kokomo and Howard County, to further the work, vision, and philosophy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” 


“Because of the services we provide, we had a bit less flexibility than the library,” Rogers said. “We raised money by providing pizza, and during their lunch break employees could make donations in exchange for a few slices.”


“The sheriff and I would really like to see units of local government, organizations, and companies get creative and come up with fundraising competitions to help get the MLK Jr. Memorial built,” Brautigam said.


For more information about the memorial and how to make donations, go to



Head Videographer at Mills Digital, Joseph Fipps, works on taping Howard County Sheriff Department employees perform the Law-keeper Blues.